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Got time for another update: I wasn't really crazy with how the wires ran on the passenger side. The looms I bought weren't helping. The wires just kinda flopping over the two heater hose.

So I made up my own looms. I'll show you guys tomorrow how I did this. I notice most guys who have done the coil relocation just let the wires dangle. So this should help all you guys give it the finish look.

The bolt in the picture stuck out about another 3/4 of an inch more. To run the harness behind the heat shield, you need to remove the nut and push the heat shield forward. The challenge is that the bolts sticks out so far that there's not enough space between the bolt and shield to slip the harness in between the two. Solution was to shorten the bolt. I couldn't cut it with the Dremel because there wasn't enough room. So I had to literally grind it down with a grinding bit.



Here's the TechAFX replacement vacuum hose.

But I can't leave well enough alone.

I replace the hose they come with with TechAFX new braided nylon wrap lines. 'also no need to use the clamps making for a cleaner look. I'm taking measurement so that TechAFX can add them to the product line. For those who want to hide the EVAC solenoid behind the fuse box bracket.

I also started working on getting rid of all the nasty plastic wiring harness covers.

This is just the first of many.

Till tomorrow...........

PS, sorry if I misspelled anything or if the verbiage doesn't make sense...didn't have time to proof read. I'll do it later.

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