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Ginger gets 335/30 MEATS!

Ginger has two sets of 18x11 Forgestar F14 (street and track). Her track shoes are 315/30 18 Hoosier drag radials (

Her street shoes are a pain in the ass because my ideal size for 18x11 street tire is 315/35 18 or even a 315/40 18, but of course no one makes a street tire in that size. Hell, the only tire available in either of those sizes is a 315/40 18 Nitto NT05R drag radial. I had a set of those for track use, but no way I would rock them as daily driver tires, put wayyy too many miles on Ginger. The closest tire I could find to what I wanted was Falken Tires Azenis RT-615 295/40 18 ( It was a decent tire, but most people use it for a steetable road racing tire so it doesn't come with a ton of tread 8/32 and only has a treadwear of 200. It looked a little stretched on the 18x11 wheel, but it worked.

Well, my alignment ended up being off a bit and I didn't notice until a few weeks ago when I looked at my rears and they were pretty worn down. I shade tree mechanic checked it and the wheels were toed in about 1 degree on each end, got it realigned and had to start looking for replacement tires. I wanted tires with better treadwear and more tread depth, but the sizes I want are a bitch to find. I definitely wanted to go wider than 295. I came across the BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2 335/30 18 with a treadwear of 300 and 10/32 tread (better than the Falken's 8/32), but the recommended rim is 11.5"-12.5" . I Googled through a TON of pictures and finally found the tires on a 2011 Mustang GT with Forgestar CF5 18x11 rears. They definitely bulge out a bit but I said what the hell, I've had stretched tires, I'm gonna try them out just to see how they fit.

The tires are MAMMOTHLY WIDE! BFG are known to run pretty wide, but these things are redonkulous! Unmounted they measure in at about 13 5/8" wide. The 295s and 315s both measure in at 12 3/8" but those are mounted.

So what do you guys think? Will they fit? Will they rub? Will they stick out?

I know my way around cars so no matter what I will make them fit without sticking out and without rubbing. They are a bit shorter that even my 315/30 drag radials, but they aren't mounted and aired up yet and I don't mind shorter tires, helps with the gearing.

I'm not sure when I will throw these tires on, I usually run my tires to within an inch of their life and the Falkens are almost there. For the mean time I have to hide them from the wife. Having had 9 different tire sizes on my car (wow, my car isn't even a year old, LOL) damned UPS and Fed Ex always deliver tires when the Mrs is home and I get the whole "You bought more tires?!? Didn't your car come with tires?" This is the one time tires have been delivered while she isn't here. I'm gonna try and hide them, right in from of her face, stacked up in the garage between my track tire set up. You think she will notice my tire tower just got over 27" taller?

Cost of today's mods: 643.01
BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2 335/30 18 $643.01
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