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That sucks but it's not Reliable's fault. Should have told the tool to get bent and ignored him, you are the customer. I called Bankston last year in October and they told me the Camaro wasn't even coming out, so I called Huffines, talked to a lady she was all about the Camaro, she just couldn't hold a job. She left huffines and I found her at Reliable, two months later she was gone. Brian picked up her stuff and has been great ever since.

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Reliable will not see a dime from me.I went there to try and test drive a G8.The salesman was very nice ,but when the Douche Nozzle of a sales Manager came out.He wanted me to go out and test drive the other cars i was thinking about,and then come back to test drive this one last(yeah right).Even after i told him i live in mesquite,he still wanted me to come back another day.I will come back alright,but only to dump my clutch in their parking lot right in front of the showroom after i pick up my SS from Classic.
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