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A little painting and a little polishing.

These are the clamps I'm using for the air intake. I felt they needed a little attention. It literally took me two minutes to polish them with a hand held drill and polishing pad and some "White Rouge" compound I pick up at ACE. I was amazed on how well that stuff works. I also polished the shaft on the bolt but left the threads with the brass finish. Pictures shows the polish and the out of the box version.

In this picture it shows the thermostat housing just polish without any other step. If you study the picture, you can see the rough cast and blemishes.

So a little sanding was in order. To get rid of all the crap, I used 320. Notice I also gave the Mohawk a hair cut. and I shaved down the dimple.

I re-polished it and it looked like a chrome piece. For some guys, they would have called it done. But I'm not going for a Bling Bling look. My goals is more mechanical/machinery approach.

So I hit it with the color gray scotch bright which is the equivalent of 400 paper. But it allows you to get into all the little nooks and crannies better.

It now looks more like a piece of machinery.

I also painted the fan shroud with a satin texture black giving it more of a cast look.

I gues I was inspired because I'm not even using this piece. Probably will give it away here if I can make the time to get it finish. Not up to par with my standards and I don't like giving crap away but it looks pretty good and could perhaps give and idea for someones else project.

Hope you enjoy.

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