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Originally Posted by 2010SSRSM6 View Post
As soon as GM or my warranty go belly up, the Twins are going on!

STS (Squires Turbo Systems) has already developed a twin turbo system for the LS3 that put down over 600wrhp on a C6.

The turbos are very easy to install, and are installed in the muffler location insted of under the hood so they stay much cooler. They also have the added benifit of huge airflow from under the car helping to keep them cool.

Twin turbos will eliminate most of the lag that turbos have been know for. Plus, they will give you a 5.4 pound to 1 H.P ratio.

And did I mention that the entire system, including the tune and installation is under $8000?

I've been hooked since I saw a 04 GTO A4 go over 140 in the 1/4.

Here is a link so you can see for your selves:
600whp is easy out of any turbo kit for an LSx. It doesn't take much boost to make massive power out of these motors regardless of what kit you run. I don't like running all the plumbing all the way to the rear of the car and then back forward. The rear mount turbo is an interesting idea, but it comes up short over a traditional turbo system in every way except for ease of install.

Personally I prefer to stay N/A. My car plans are usually full packages, not "let's throw as much power as we can at it and see if you can keep it straight." I'd rather have a car stay together for 5 consecutive 30 minutes sessions at 8-9/10ths and be able to drive home in stop and go traffic than have a car that has to sit and cool off for an hour between 9 second passes.
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