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Originally Posted by Bowtie Guy Z28 View Post
I'll give him a call and find out....he may be trying to make me jealous. I'll have to put the smack down for dic***g me around. In the meantime here's some shot's of the one I saw at Ed Bozarth today on Havana. ..... Okay I've spent the better part of an hour trying load a fricken pic on this thing. What the deuce........ Anyways, I'll try again tomorrow at work, but it's a Red 1LT with the RS Package. They said it wasn't yet decided if they would charge over MSRP (they will). They also said it wasn't for sale.
Got a call from my dealer today (Emich in Lakewood). They received their 'dealer' car today - a red 1LT/RS (they were expecting a SIM 1LT/RS, but this one just showed up). They had it in a bay when I got there, but they pulled it out and let me drive it!

Only went about a mile, but it sure felt good. There were 2 sales guys waiting for their turn when I pulled it back in.

One note, my salesman was in the back seat (my wife was in the passenger seat) and he actually had a good amount of leg room. More than I expected.
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