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Originally Posted by blazzin1 View Post
That depends on what kind of "clearance" issues you're talking about. Just by installing these tires, you're essentially lowering your car 1.5". Add that to whatever amount of lowering you already have, and you could be scraping the bottom of your car over every little pebble. But I suppose if they are going to be for track-only, then do whatever you like. I can totally appreciate the performance advantages you're trying to achieve here, but "the look" is just not for me. They're nice and wide, but I think the height will just make the whole set-up look funny! It's like the opposite of donkin' out your car with the huge 26"+ wheels!!! Either way it's going to look kinda weird in my opinion. But I wish you the best, and hope you achieve your goals with this. Eager to see pics!!!
Actually if you these aren't track only tires and I'm only lowering an extra .7" from my current street tires. My current street tire set up is 26.7" fronts and 27.3" rears (picture is in my sig), that along with the BMR 1" drop makes my car pretty low right now but I'm used to it and hardly ever scrape anywhere anymore. Actually the lowest part of my car is the front and shorter rears will actually raise the front just a hair.

The 335/30s are supposed to be taller than my 315/30 drag radials but they are actually a little shorter when next to them, maybe mounted and aired up they will be a little taller.

When I first got my 18" Forgestars I had ordered some 28" 255/50 18 for the front, that looked REALLY goofy and handled like an SUV. I only made one trip around the block and took them off.

Here is what my drag radials look like and these 335/30 tires should look very close in height.

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