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Originally Posted by Timisaiah View Post
I think GM gave Avis a couple of SS Camaro's first because they are hoping some of the people that rent it will fall in love with it. Then later go out and buy it. Hertz did the same thing with the GT500 I believe. But that still doesn't make it right. They need to be filling the pre-orders first.
Actually those stangs they gave hertz were hertz only cars....Ford didnt sell those version to the public. They only came in black with gold striping...My father rented one...he didn't like it at all. He said it was just a ramped up mustang.

And they were kinda the basis for the GT500....The GT-H is the hertz edition. I dont believe that the GT500 was made yet. They were damn expensive to rent to

They were rated at 325 hp...hardly anything worth 100 a day

I want my camaro....NOOOOOOOOOOW!!! /turn yellow
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