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Cool Widebody Camaro Guyver By Chrome & Carbon

Featured on Camaro5 HOMEPAGE

This one is the 2012 Chevrolet Camaro Guyver By Chrome & Carbon

Via topspeed:

The first thought that entered our brains when we took a look at this Camaro creation was, "Who let out Bumblebee’s evil twin and where can we find one for ourselves?" Then realization set in and we discovered that what we had here was so much cooler than a Transformer. This is the Chevrolet Camaro Guyver by Chrome & Carbon. The look of this tuning package is exquisite, but we’d expect nothing else since it was inspired by a legend.

Guyver is an old Japanese animation series where the main hero discovers his own body can be transformed into a futuristic superhero. So, really, we weren’t that far off with the whole Transformer thing. The particular Camaro used for this transformation received huge inflated fenders, large air intakes, and plenty of other carbon fiber elements. These few additions completely change the look of the muscle car, turning it into an aggressive beast ready to take on the streets.

Of course, the only streets this muscle car will be riding on are the streets of Dubai, since it has been built specifically for a customer residing there.

More details from Maro99's conversation with the manufacturer:

Hello – Thank you for your email. The Camaro GUYVER wide body kit is our original concept – designed & manufactured exclusively by us. This kit is not yet available anywhere else in the world. It has to be installed only as a package and we do not sell this kit as individual parts.

Please find the details on the package below:

- Camaro GUYVER CARBON Widebody Package – $18,000 or 13,500 Euros
The package includes front bumper w/ daytime-running LED lights, front splitter (carbon), front grille (upper, carbon), front grille (lower, carbon), Hood w/ intake scoops (carbon), wide body fenders kit w/ intake scoops (carbon), side skirts w/ door panels (carbon), rear bumper, rear diffuser, rear diffuser splitters (carbon), rear spoiler (carbon), tail lights trims (carbon), exhaust tips and 22” C&C Forged wheels.
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