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Well, here's a project I enjoyed a lot. Removing the battery terminal bracket and relocating the cables to the driver side wheel well. I think it's a huge step in cleaning up the engine bay. I do have to give a BIG shot out to EZspeed for helping me with the process.

This gives you an idea of the visual obstruction the positive battery cable and bracket bring to the driver side.

To drill out the bracket, I took a tip from Thanks Ray for posting your DIY, the advice made drilling the spot welds a lot simpler.

Coming along.....

I also relocated the harness for the ABS and ground cable.

The ABS is runs into a group of other harness by the firewall. I proceeded to clean the pill up.

I cover the positive cable with braided nylon sleeting. Notice how the red is coming through.

To remedy it from happening, I wrapped the cable with black harness tape

Much better......After slipping the sleeve, I shrink rap on the end by the firewall. This allows me to pull on the sleeve so that the more stretch it is, the tighter the fit.

The ABS harness now runs inside the wheel well. I was able to use the existing bolts for the brake line bracket for the ground wire. The ground was previously on mounted in the engine bays frame rail.

Here is the finish product nicely shrink wrapped.

Random shot but looks kinda cool lifted. My trustee "Eli" keeping a watch, LOL.

The end result.....much cleaner and great satisfaction.

And finally, the left over carnage. Make me wounder how much "total" weight I've remove with all the garbage I've taken off.

Little comparison preview......harness 1.0

VS harness 2.0 in the making....... you could barly see it.....

Till next time....over and out

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