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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
I'm still working that angle on Wifey. Her company doesn't have an office down there and she's still talking drought something or other.
No drought...

shoot. It's been raining here for DAYS. I just washed the car the other day and that night...DOWNPOUR.

Every summer we can go for months w/out rain. All that means is...ready for this? DETAIL THE CAR AND IT STAYS CLEAN!
Then before you know it, rain rain rain rain rain....we have some roads closed due to so much rain over the last couple days. Not fun. And, we are to drive down to Devine today w/ the Camaro crew for a 40+ gathering of members for the superbowl. Dont' know if we'll be taking my car in this.

And Sweet vid btw. I want to try out a blown SS for a change. Been in them in the passenger seat, but want to see for myself!
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