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Vengeance Graphix - Sig/Wallpaper/PS corner

Hello Camaro5,
This is going to be my little corner of the internet.

Note: If your looking for a signature or wallpaper, Please provide me with a large enough image file. Smaller images are going to become either blurry or pixelated and will not be able to work with, (nor will they look good). I want to provide you the best quality looking image(s)


This is going to explain how to upload signatures for a new or current member who might not know how to

first: Click "User CP"

Second: Click "Edit Signature"

This is where you should be now

Third: Scroll down to here, 2 Choices now:
A) Click "Browse" if the picture you want is on your Computer
B) Enter Internet Photo Link if the image you want is on a website. ("linking")
Make Sure your picture falls within the signature rules in the green box

Fourth: find the image you want on your computer, select it, and click "Open"

You should see the location of your file here now. Click Upload

You should see your picture show up here now. Click "Insert Signature Picture"

this should pop up in the Text box
add any other text you want here now

And last, click "save your Signature", same place where you uploaded.

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