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Originally Posted by quickdraw View Post
Thanks for the heads-up. I saw your post and went over. It's red, SS/RS, grey leather, auto, polished 20's. They tinted the windows and put on a ground effects pkg.

It's funny, they put crowd control straps around it so people can't touch it. Then as you backup to look at it you bump into a black ZR-1 with all kinds of hand prints and small suface swirls from people rubbing up against it and the windows down so you can open the door and sit down. Nobody there even knows what it will sell for yet, depending on the mark-up. At least there was a great guy from the service department there to open a door and the hood so we could look inside. I also thought that the bumper didn't matchup with the hood color, but that could have just been from the bad lighting in the showroom.
Just got back from checking it out. One of the sales guys there told me they want 48k for the Camaro I was LMAO
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