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Talking Apex Motorsports Skip Shift Eliminators Are IN STOCK | FREE SHIPPING (US orders only)

Be sure to use discount code SKIP9! $20.95 SHIPPED!!!

We often get questions from new Camaro owners who are concerned because they sometimes can't shift into 2nd. The good news is there is nothing wrong and this nuisance can be eliminated.

CAGS, or Computer-Aided Gear Selection, is a feature on the 5th generation Camaro SS equipped with the manual 6 speed transmission. The stated purpose of CAGS is to improve fuel economy under “normal” driving conditions and is activated when:

● the transmission is in 1st gear
● you are applying 21% throttle or less
● the vehicle is traveling between 15 and 19 mph
● engine coolant temperature is greater than 169 F (76 C)

When these parameters are met, CAGS overrides the driver and locks out 2nd gear, forcing the driver to "skip shift". Most serious drivers are unwilling to accept this factory installed nuisance and eliminating it is priority number one. The safest way to eliminate CAGS is by installing a Skip Shift Eliminator.

The Apex Motorsports Skip Shift Eliminator uses OEM weather-proof plugs and is installed by simply lifting your vehicle, unplugging the CAGS wiring harness from its solenoid (the solenoid is located on the drivers side towards the top of the transmission), and plugging the Skip Shift Eliminator inline between the harness and solenoid. These units trick the CAGS into thinking it's still in control but will not allow it to activate and will not trigger trouble codes or the “Service” light on your dash board.

Apex Motorsports Skip Shift Eliminator: $26.95 SHIPPED

Orange Krate's EPIC Apex Skip Shift Eliminator Installation

Originally Posted by CDN SS View Post
Great product at a great price from a great company, no more PITA 1-4 shifts.
Originally Posted by cleanwhiteSS View Post
Everyone with an LS3 needs to buy this product from Apex. Best price and you get it fast.
Originally Posted by Pollock View Post
Installed it today!! If you have big hands like me it is a bit of a challenge in the tight area getting the harness clip unplugged off the tranny. Very easy to snap back together.

Works great!! Thanks APEX!
Originally Posted by Bama 2SS/RS View Post
I think I mentioned it earlier in this thread, but your skip-shift eliminator was literally the first mod I did to my car. I can't say enough about how simple it was to install, and how much happier it makes me not being forced into a 1-4 shift.

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