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Originally Posted by IcePick06 View Post
I just watched the video again and he definitely uses the "NO LIFT SHIFT" feature in the 2nd run as you hear the tires chirp when he shifts to 2nd gear...that sound signifies he's powershifting (fortunately GM designed the feature to be used under warranty) & it basically keeps the torque built up in between shifts so you don't lose power. So in the ZL1 you will floor the gas pedal and use the clutch and upshift like normal but keep your right foot down, don't lift! (Hence "NO LIFT" shift)
I can chirp 2nd and 3rd in my car and I don't have "no lift shift", or the power of the ZL1. I don't think that him chirping 2nd gear in a 580hp car necessarily means he used that feature.
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