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Originally Posted by htron50 View Post
ZL1, has the rear axles, bushings & cooler to handle way hard clutch dumps ..much better ones than the magrag drivers were putting to it. And, lets all agree thats in MOST drivers hands, after a few practices, will be 12.0 runs AVG at the slow point. ADD Dtires. nothing else and you should see 11.6 once you get it set up right. SUB 12.'s easy. Tires = 11.5 knock knock knocking on the door! Maybe 11.4?? Good tree, good air pressure. The ZL1 deserves a "real" track day... with the AUTO and FLUFFY TIRES; Please don't take out the rear seat or install a roll cage. Not needed til it hits 10.5. :respect:

OK my forecast : 2012 ZL1 Auto = 11.5 (w/drag tires on each) Otherwise... all stock components.

Yes we haven't seen a good vid of the ZL1 on a VHT prepped track with a good 60 foot time which is all important to a good ET. The horsepower is good for mid 11's based on the 118 mph speeds. It all depends on how it gets going off the line to post an 11's run. It will need a 1.65 ish 60 foot to run mid 11's. It seems the all important 60 foot time is never mentioned. A small correction to your post is that the cut off time for a roll bar is 11.49 and cage is 9.99 in NHRA rules.
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