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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
What 'Bear said.

I'm trying to find if there is an "OFF" function for PTM. I believe the Reviewer said that he ran without it, and that he launched just over 2000 RPMs for a faster, but not as consistant time. Maybe he just meant Mode 4...
Yes radz, I am looking for clarification on that as well...from GM it says...
"Mode 5 Traction control set on Race, with stability control off and Magnetic Ride Control set on Track. Launch control tuned for VHT-prepped drag strips."

Sooo, I ask what does TC "track" setting mean?, and MRC "track" setting mean exactly? And launch control "tuned" for "VHT" prepped race tracks? Sounds to me like the electronics are still on to some degree limiting and/or monitoring something designed to control some function of the vehicle.
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