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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
I'm not arguing - just confirming , but the car starts with Stability Control, but you have to activate PTM?

No worries, I have read enough of your post to understand you just want all the facts as do I. I had to read for 18 hours straight to understand it, finally found the new manual for the Camaro which includes all the ZL1 functions and it helped explain a lot.
That is correct, upon starting the car, the PTM is off and stability control is on (as a safety feature). You can select the mag ride, sport or tour. Pressing the stability control button one time will disengage the stability control which essentially turns off all electronic aides. Pressing the Sport button twice engages PTM, you can then select which mode of PTM you would like by using the - (tour button) or + (sport button).
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