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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
"Launch Control is only available
when the following criteria are met:

. Competitive Driving Mode is
selected or any of the PTM
modes are selected.
. The vehicle is not moving.
. The steering wheel is pointing
. The clutch is pressed and the
vehicle is in first gear.
. The accelerator pedal is rapidly
applied to wide open throttle.

The Launch Control feature will
initially limit engine speed as the
driver rapidly applies the accelerator
pedal to wide open throttle.
A smooth, quick release of the
clutch, while maintaining the fully
pressed accelerator pedal, will
manage wheel slip."

Pg 9-48
Thanks...I looked for that and missed it, my bad.....the ZR-1 holds the RPM @ 4000 and if you "Power Shift" the engine does not rev beyond that which prevents running into the rev limiter or as in the old days, you wind up with misc parts bouncing off of the pavement....sounds like the ZL-1 is either the same or very similar....can't wait to try it out.....
Thanks, Scott...
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