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First Camaro in NJ Dealership 4/27/09

I got to lay my eyes on a Camaro for the first time on Monday. It was parked right out front at Ayers Chevrolet on rt.46 in Dover NJ. I heard it was there so I shot up to see it for myself, THERE IT WAS!!!
It is a yellow SS with a grey ground effects package. I took some cell phone pictures. I donít know how to put them up.
The salesperson told me it has been there for two days so far and tons of people have been stopping and taking photos. The owner of the car is supposed to be the brother of a big wig at GM. He lives in the area and I was told this was the firs Camaro delivered within a 600 mile radius.
The owner was picking it up from the dealer Tue or Wed.
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