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I see a body, thats not a dragster, its a funny car. It doesn't look top fuel either, looks more like a top alcohol funny car unless its IHRA, then its top fuel judging by the supercharger. Which is a tad bit slower than NHRA even though IHRA has no limit on cubic inches lol. You seriously haven't seen one in person?.. I should upload pictures of our dragster. We had it built in 04 and raced at IHRA national events. - btw go to a NHRA national when they hit up the east cost. Cheer for John Force for me

As for the other pictures, I'm drooling over that Z06, our Vette isn't a Z06 =[

& lol @ that one guy looking at the camera with the weird face.
My Z28

sorry guys.. sold Camaro and got a Cadillac CTS, waiting for a few years to get a 2010 SS used ;]
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