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Originally Posted by BigBlock427 View Post
Since you had your dealer do the supercharger install and it is the slp package did you get to keep your warrenty or did you apply for the warrenty that comes with the supercahrger? 3y 36,000 ?

any info on this would be great.

My dealer also works with SLP and can do the install... also could you please PM your price for the dealer install so I can get a ballpark?
Great question! Since I bought the car new in October and had already known I was going the SLP route (because of the warranty), I did not purchase any dealer extended warranty, instead I went with the SLP Powertrain 5/100K ($750)., they also do have the 3/36K. My service manager was really cool about everything, it was their first time dealing with SLP and they were glad to have formed the union between them, so they were very good to me for doing this project.

Any issues not caused by the supercharger are covered by the standard GM warranty, if the SC is the root of any issues then the SLP warranty kicks in.

PM sent regarding pricing

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