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Thanks for that recap...very nice...I'm jealous for sure....we don't get many concepts at all when our Auto Show rolls through (late Jan.). It's a nice show, lots of attendees as far as vehicles, but nothing you can't really see on the streets or dealer lots. My wife and I made a trip to Chicago for the auto show one year....I will be doing that again....I also want to hit a Detroit show and an LA show sometime.

Anyway, thanks for all of that.

Follow up...the Firepower was supposed to be the "Chrysler version" of the Viper. They were going with the 6.1L Hemi rather than the 8.3L V-10 from the Viper, but....based on their killing the Viper, I could see this project going one of two ways....they could kill it and use the same reasoning that they used for the Viper. Or, they could use it as the Viper replacement. They should be able to justify the costs since so much of it would be "from the parts bins". Plus, it would allow them to keep the "Viper chassis" in production, thus updated, so when they bring the Viper back, they have a solid, proven piece to start with.....just a thought.

For anyone interested, here is more info on the Firepower.
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