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Ok, this must be one of those optical illusion things...

These stub shafts and axles were big on the ground and in the box, but now that they are mostly installed in the car... They are absolutely monstrous...

I'm thinking that a Boeing 767 could use these for landing gear... and they look like they could drive a train down the track...

Unbelievable... Simply huge... Bear in mind the stub shaft flanges coming off the diff are 7/8 or so of an inch thick.... That should give you something to compare with....As you are looking at the diff, there is the black part of the pumpkin, then a silver plate... Outward from there is a gap, then a dark metal plate... That's the stub shaft outer flange.... 7/8's of an inch thick...

Everything out from there is CV joint and axle.... Simply massive.... and feels and appears to be hell for stout...
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