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Originally Posted by 2010_5thgen View Post
i hope they arent a very reliable souce. putting the 6.0 in it almost seems like backtracking since they already have the 6.2 in the vettes. God i hope this isnt right.
Why? You're really hung up on this displacement thing, aren't you? (Not being rude)

If the 6 is a better engine...who cares? I've said it before...If one of the Gen V's is 5.3L, and pumps out 400hp, versus a 6.0 doing the same thing - I'm as happy as I'll ever be.

backtracking only counts if there is no advancement in the technology.

(So, like going from an LS3 back down to an LS1: Then we'd have a problem!)

In this case, there is a GREAT amount of technological advancement...You never expected to see 7.0L become standard motors did you? Those are massive! I have a good feeling that 7L was the hump on the V8 engine curve. They're going to get smaller, but become MUCH more potent!!
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