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I believe the Gen V will have an excellent V8. Look at the majority of the previous models... The Camaro typically has the base 'Vette engine in her. 1993-1997 Camaro; lt1 (detuned)

1993-1997 Corvette;

1998-2002 SS & Z28; ls1 (detuned).

1998-2004 Corvette; ls1.

2005-2006 GTO (Camaro/ Firebird's sad replacement) ls2.

2005-2006 Corvette; ls2.

There is an obvious pattern here. What is everyone concerned for? More than likely, whatever the '09 base 'Vette has, the '09 Camaro will have, tuned down about 20-30 horses, or so. It'll be okay.
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