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Originally Posted by SoFlaZ View Post
The black looks AWESOME!!:party0038:

This is going to be a hard decision because I want a sunroof but I love the reverse mohawk!!! ahhh my brain cant decide what to do!

One thing I noticed in the first pic posted in the thread, the rear wheels look bigger than the fronts like 19's and 20's. IDK, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me? I just hope they are all the same size so I can rotate them.

And do they really have to put those DAMN watermarks all over, too much advertisement.
Perhaps they are experimenting with wider rears and smaller fronts. The Challenger offers that as an option on the SRT8. But look at the picture of the camoed Camaro next to the Suburban and the van. Looks like they are all the same size on that one.
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