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Originally Posted by Obzen View Post
Got my car aligned and they couldn't figure out how to adjust the front camber. Can someone enlighten me on how to do it? Don't you just loosen the strut knuckle?
The 5th Gen Camaro, the Pontiac G8, the Pontiac GTO and the new Police Caprice are the easiest cars in the USA to set front camber. You use the camber screw in the knuckle.

It is a 10mm 1.5 pitch screw / bolt.

Loosen both clevis bolts. Use and extension on your socket wrench to reach through the wheel spokes with the alignment heads mounted. Turn it to the right and you decrease camber. Turn it to the left to increase camber. Get it exactly where you want it and tighten the clevis bolts.

It is all in the THE Book on 5th Gen Suspension right here on Camaro5.

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