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Originally Posted by 2010_5thgen View Post
there may not be a waiting list for the manufacturer(gm/chevy), but i think that there may be waiting list at the dealerships. some dealerships have a waiting list that says for ex: if there are 5 camaros that come in and your name is one of the 5 people on the list, you will be either 1st,2nd 3rd 4th or 5th, you pick yours or to place the order. it is by no meens illegal or a scam but it basically entitles you to a first pick when the cars get to that specific dealership. now if you are ordering a car it doesnt really apply becasue anyone will be able to go and order a car from any dealer once that time arrives.
There will never be a waiting list from GM, un less it for the dealers, We don't buy the cars from GM, we buy them from the dealer, so there the ones who will have a list, and a list means markups.

Now as far as a GT500 Killer, comming out later, I could care less about how much HP the Camaro has, I want it because I Like it, all I care about is that it has a V8 and it sounds fricken awesome.
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