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The author of this article is obviously very good at analyzing facts and spitting out a presumption, but he missed one point.. a critical point, especially when it comes to cars. Enthusiasm/Desire. He doesnt take into account that nomatter what engine or pricerange the camaro ends up being in, it has that cool factor to it, that makes most of us really lust after this car. Thats enough to turn fans into buyers. The GTO died, because yea i've heard the name, and I know its got a great engine, but I have otherwise no care about it. The camaro evokes a different response from most ppl I know, ppl genuinly will stare at it on the screen, or even ask how to get one of these cars, or if it will really look like the concept car, etc etc. THis is what makes a good car great, the enthusiast culture that will easily embrace this car.

TO be honest, the author of this article sounds like a typical detroit beancounter that is reponsible for the demise of most good american cars.
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