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Need a database of wheel companies to shop for... Poll added.

Ok. Latest update.

Going with Forgeline 10.5x20 with Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 305/35 tires all the way around.

Just need to figure out now which Forgelines. They will be gloss black centers and polished lips.

Here are my choices.

Tony (NineBall) is taking good care of me. These tires cost but will be well worth it. My transmission, however, is going to hate me.

Here are the tires I'm considering.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________
It's time to buy.

At long last I'm buying the wheels I have so desperately needed since I put my Savinis on.

I'd love to get me some Forgelines but the styles are not attractive to me and for the price I want to make damn sure I'm getting my multiple purposes out of them. They are still on the top of my list but I'd like to save some money and get a nice looking wheel that will perform as well.

I've made the biggest purchase mistake of my life with the Savinis and so I'm going to make damn sure I don't do it again. One thing I will NOT hear is 'You get what you pay for'. NO you don't always.

Staggered set-up 11" rears and 9.5 fronts. 20" wheels. I'd go 10.5 inch balanced set if I could be sure they will clear my Pedders coilovers in the front. Rears I know will fit with 11" widths and 315s.

I can look into the different wheels but are there any wheel ideas out there you guys recommend as I put my shopping database together?

Edit: I should mention that, yes, I've looked at some of the more obvious wheels but welcome the input.


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Narrowed down.

Forgeline on top and Vossen on bottom.

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