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Originally Posted by Boscoyo View Post
Dont read too much into that article. It is just speculation on the author's part. Obama has stated several times that the government DOES NOT want to be in the automotive business. What they want is for GM to be viable and for that to happen GM has to put out vehicles that the public will buy, not vehicles that the politicians think we should drive. Dont forget that the best selling Chevy is still the Silverado, not exactly fuel efficient.
Obama just GAVE Chrysler to the UAW. While retaining a significant ownership for the Feds. All while kicking out the last remaining private owners. He forced the Fiat buy onto Chrysler specifically because he wants them to build tiny cars.

This is an unbelievable thing to watch. He's literally taking long term ownership stakes in these companies right before our eyes. Then he goes on TV and says he has no interest in doing what he just did.

Watch what the man does and stop listening to what he says ...

Wake up and smell the coffee folks.
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