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Well day two of glazing, sanding and more glazing and more sanding.

First coat of primer

After the primer, I saw several areas that I wasn't happy with and re-did them

I removed the bottle in preparation for the Apex's replacement kit.

I painted the inner rail because you can see if from the engine bay. You can see it's more over spray then paint.

This is after the first misty spray coat. The key is to apply several light coats and give it time for the solvents to evaporate.

It came out really nice but I forgot to take pictures of the finish product. I will post them tomorrow.

Fair warning, if you want the final result to be really nice, be prepared to do a lot of monotonous & time-consuming work. I don't want anybody to say I didn't warn them and then they're thinking "that Nathan guy, I oughtta
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