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Originally Posted by 1BADZL1 View Post
There is a big difference between making a living to feed your family, and
making a living based off of greed to feed your family... by taking more than
what is considered an "acceptable" practice or trying to get "rich" off of one vehicle sale. As in my case they kept a $500 dollar deposit for me ordering a ZL1 then canceling my order because they wanted 5k over MSRP.
In my case they should not be in business to sell cars if theyre only intent is to bend people over. Besides, a business cannot stay in business of just keeping deposits....they have to be able to sell cars...
And while I am still feel i am entitled to talk smack about my dealership
as they have no justification for keeping my deposit....
I signed nothing...and got nothing in return for my $500 deposit..
They did not even offer me a reciept or even the courtesy of letting me have $500 worth of accessories from the store. Will I ever get my deposit back?
Ask them Jupiter Chevrolet Garland Texas...
972.271.9900 Ask for Daniel Flat director of finance.
For the person that is active in getting me a refund to my credit card
I will personally paypal anyone $25 to your paypal account.
What happens if I never get the deposit back? No biggie as there are dealerships in this world that actually care that they do not bend one over backwards such as Chevyland In Shreveport La. Kudos to Blake Powell, internet and inventory manager!

Yes, there are some good quality dealerships out there that actually have a conscience when they go home. Dealerships that rape you over the coals and then still want more like Jupiter Chevy of Garland Texas?
They deserve bad business and to have they're licensed pulled in MHO.
There is NO reason to keep a deposit if a person never signs a single piece of paper, or backs out for any reason at ANY time.

btw.. Thanks for the post!
Now you've got me concerned. My dealer promised me a certain price, and took a $1,000 deposit, which they cashed already. The car is on the way (I have the order number plus my dealer has sent me screens of the order status), but I'm concerned they're going to flip flop the price when it gets there. And though they said they would give me my money back if I didn't like the price, then what recourse do I have to recover the money ???? I never signed anything....
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