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Originally Posted by Franklin's Bee View Post
Mary jane's transformation is looking good When i parked beside you in Destin for our photoshoot i was like thats a bada$$ V6 But i feel your pain about the vandalism... i had a douchebag open their door on my baby awhile back at a hooters But if i were you i would try claying it then break out my Adams orange pad and haze and swirl remover followed by the fine machine polish (white pad) If you ever see that jerk come back be sure to open up some on him
Yeah man, I've been meaning to get some detailing (most likely Adam's since that's what most people are using) products and do my whole car. It's full of swirls I'd rather not have.

That sucks about the dent! Hope you were able to get that fixed. Yeah man, no matter how hard we try to keep these cars nice and clean someone can always come out of nowhere and mess them up. It's a shame.

Thanks for the compliments on my car, man!! Yours is pretty awesome, too! Love the original "Bee"!
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