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Day three....... I decided not to set any dead lines because that just sets me for frustration, LOL. It will get done when it gets done and it will be done right.

What you're seeing is white primer not paint. Only after primering do you see areas that need addressing that you can't see till after you apply primer.

I did a mock up of the Ring Brothers' bolts I'm using. Basically I used the bolts to close out all the holes. Gives it a mechanical look also; monkey monkey liiiike.

Hopefully tomorrow I get the clam shell back from Mike. Half was done in "Gun Metal" and the other half in "Jet Antracite" . I'll post pictures and perhaps take a poll. This means the car will be down for a week where I can do a bunch of other stuff. Including the shock tower, LOL. I will need to sand down the top of the intake manifold with 120 and 210 before shipping to get rid of the flat spots.
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