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Originally Posted by camaro_RS View Post
Yeah man, I've been meaning to get some detailing (most likely Adam's since that's what most people are using) products and do my whole car. It's full of swirls I'd rather not have.

That sucks about the dent! Hope you were able to get that fixed. Yeah man, no matter how hard we try to keep these cars nice and clean someone can always come out of nowhere and mess them up. It's a shame.

Thanks for the compliments on my car, man!! Yours is pretty awesome, too! Love the original "Bee"!
Thanks! I love having a true TF Bee But to point you in the right direction As you probably noticed Adams has their daily deals, weekend deals and holiday deals (which are the best imo)

Shipping was about 15 dollars a box to ship stuff to me and i thought that was a little outrageous so a dealer contacted me through Adams forums named Mike Augello and is a Great guy to work with and helped me out with all my detailing problems, and can get you the same adams stuff for cheaper shipping prices. The bright side is more time to spend with Mary Jane
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