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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
Not exactly an answer to your question....But a friend of mine got a ride home from his friend in a 2000-something Trans a Blizzard. (I saw him get in the car) Now, I'm not sure what you know about Buffalo - but when I say Blizzard, I mean it: 50+ mph, whiteout conditions, icy roads, the whole shebang. Basically a winter nightmare.

He told me a few days later, that it was possibly the scariest thing he'd ever experienced - but the Trans Am never slipped up once. Granted; it must've taken an amazing driver (I've never met the guy), but still....
Hey Dragon, no offense but, I personally think it has to do with the tires and weight in the back over the axle. I live in Denver which gets some pretty decent snow (to say the least) and when it snows more than 3 inches that actually sticks to the road I can't move (on the slightest hill). I consider myself a very experienced driver with Camaro's since I've been driving them in the Colorado winters for 12 of my 13 years of driving and another rear wheel drive vehicle (RX-7) for the one year. I feel strongly about the tires because my Camaro now SUCKS in just a dusting of snow and it has very decent tread on the tires but they're some knock off brand. Lesson learned I will not take some free tires from a friend with a shop just to save a few hundred!

All the respect for your friend though for making it in that blizzard . I know first hand it's no easy task to say the least!
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