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Worthless thread for South Florida ppl

So I have been driving around south florida dealerships to see what allocations they have and what they are selling for, The first stop at the dealership in Hialeah at 57th ave and the palmetto had no cars in yet and was expecting their dealer car on Wednesday and were doing the unveiling between the hours of 12-8. Maroone of Pembroke Pines has 1 car delivered and sitting on their showroom floor, it is a yellow 2lt. Sorry I do not have pics because my phone died trying to open the camera . The guy I talked to knew nothing of an unveiling for them, but if anyone wants to see, can't touch or sit in, a yellow 2lt with sunroof there is one at this dealership until monday and yes they are selling preorders at MSRP, but i was told, "If someone backs out we will sell the car on the lot for Market value".

So someone who has a working camera please go and get some pics Thanks!
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