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Originally Posted by Jaime068 View Post
Hey camaro_RS, your car isn't lowered yet is it? Ur car looks sick in the sig! So I just want to know if that stance is with or witout lowering.
Thanks, man!

No, it's not lowered at all. I did buy some Eibach springs but when I found out how much it was going to cost me to have them installed I wasn't too keen on having them put in so I sold them to a member on here. Plus at the time I didn't have the body kit and I wanted it and knew I'd be having all kinds of problems scraping the kit if I got it lowered. And I was right!! I've already had problems bottoming out and scraping the body kit. Maybe when all of the construction around where I live is done I'll think about getting it lowered again. I do like the look of the lowered stance!!
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