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prices thread

this might be already posted somewhere and if it is i am sorry, so if it is please just delete the thread but can someone give me the link before you do.
well since that is out of the way here we go.

i was hoping that this thread could be an official price thread. not the prices that says when you build your own camaro on the site, but the msrp that people are seeing at the dealerships. now i know that different dealerships will mark up these cars by different dollar amounts. but anyway i think that it would be helpful for all of us just to post how much the model they saw are.

here is what we could post to make it as easy as possible.
type of interior (leather or cloth and if it has the orange interior)
is the RS package or not
LT/1SS/2SS ect.
sunroof or no sunroof
well hopefully everyone gets the drift about what will help help everyone

i hope this thread can help alot or people.
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