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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I don't know enough about what is most beneficial as far as tire widths go up front for auto x or road racing. I guess I was asking to find out, not to criticize. I've heard that 20" wheels are a good choice for that (that's why I went for 20s for street driving). They're a good compromise between performance and looks too.

Is a 305 tire recommended for road racing? I would think it would cause the front tire to have less grip (fewer lbs. per square inch) digging into a curve. Although, it would have more contact patch. These things are always a compromise.

Personally, I like the look of a wide tire in the back and a 275 or 285 up front.

Does such a wide tire up front cause any issues during tight turns? I mean, is the wheel going to rub the wheel wells (especially on a lowered car)?

Good luck. I hope you are absolutely 100% happy with your choice of wheels and tires this time. Let's all put the Savini nightmares behind us.

I never thought for a moment your post was being critical. I don't think Dragoneye did either. Joe was referring to my passionate stand regarding wheel and tire fitment for the 5th Gen.

We have used a wide range of test drivers at Pedders. They are all SCCA Champions, INDY Car drivers, NASCAR drivers or Suspension Engineers that are weekend racers or offer consulting services. This video clip has Paul Tracy behind the wheel of the Pedders USA Camaro on Xa coilovers and the SS Brembos with Colbalt Friction pads.

This video has John Buttermore of Neargbrook Motorsports behind the wheel with Supercars and CTS-V brakes and Cobalt Friction Pads

All of our drivers find the Bridgestone RE-11 305/30/19s on Forgeline 19x10.5 wheels to be an ideal fitment. Generally, a full race slick on a road course will be much faster than a street tire. At Gingerman that is generally accepted to be four or five seconds, an eternity in motorsports. They feel the RE-11 is so good the difference would be half that.

The square wheel and tire fitment has a number of advantages. The inherent push in the 5th Gen is reduced with matching front and rears. Grip, stability, predictability, feel... I could go on for pages.

Making the fitment work with absolutely no rubs or restrictions of any kind is something we are very proud of. We worked this out with Dave Schardt the owner of Forgeline. Dave has delivered on every special project we worked on together including a monster build Challenger for Richard Petty. Talk about pressure, walk into Mr. Petty's garage and tell him this is the wheel and tire fitment we are going to run with my suspension on YOUR car. Smart man that he is he took my advice The Challenger is pulling steady state 1.4 G turns on custom offset Forgeline 19x10.5 wheels with Bridgestone RE-11 wheels.

There are a number of high quality wheel MFGs. Forgeline is my preference after working with some of the others. I know that what I get from Forgeline. My life and my drivers lives depend on it. Those that have worked with me on any project that is intended for the track find me to be obsessive when it comes to safety. I am not a hot shoe behind the wheel. I can drive well enough to get a car sorted and ready to bring in the professionals. If I hurt myself or worse on track I have no one to blame but me. If a driver gets hurt in one of my cars... I give the same instructions to every driver, every time they head out to the track. Don't scratch my car. You'll be running on the edge in a street car at race car like speeds. We have no HANS or any of the other safety equipment you are used to in a race car. If you don't scratch my car, you'll come off the track the same way you entered it. Don't scratch my car. Gods speed.

When people ask me about wheels, the only recommendation I make is FORGELINE. I trust Dave with my life and my driver's lives so why would I recommend anything less?

When people ask me about tires, I recommend Bridgestone RE-11s. It is what we have used on our last six project cars. Why would I recommend anything less?

PQ and I have had numerous lengthy discussions about his pending wheel and tire purchase. Take a wild guess what I want him to do Without being presumptuous, I think Randy asked because he respects my opinion. Tire life is a concern. The look is important. Randy is a grown man and will choose what works best for him and I will not be disappointed or offended in any way if he doesn't choose 305/30/19 RE-lls on Forgeline 305/30/19s. I would say the odds are 10,000 to 1. Just like my safety message to my drivers, my wheel and tire advice to Randy will not change. I know what works. I know what is best. Those that disagree with me have not had enough time or done enough research, They will come around

And for Randy, anything will be an improvement!!!
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