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Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
I like the first 2 ...the others not so much..........

Dumb question if you have 315's now...why can't you go back with 315's?
It already has too much push with the factory staggered setup. They look great, but 305s are the right size.

Originally Posted by garcmol View Post
Do you use these Bridgestones on any daily drivers Pete? What kind of treadlife are you getting out of them? I'm sure the track eats them up, but I'm wondering about day to day driving; how long would they last?
Using a track ready ridiculous alignment with a combination of street and track driving I see 12K out of a set of RE-11s. That changes radically if I do any show off burnouts. In the Mustang and Camaro I get four make everything disappear. in a cloud of smoke burnouts per pair of rear tires.

Driving like a normal person with an aggressive street alignment you should see 20K The ZL1 owners will be looking at similar tire life.
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