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Well..................She 's looking really good, LOL. Took her back down to nothing. Removed everything I had done, and then some.

Going to have the whole front drive cleaned and detailed to match the water pump. I'm taking all the pieces to Meziere tomorrow so that we can throw them in their polishing tumbler.

I've never done any of this before, so a good idea is took take a lot of pictures for reference (that way you wont have to trust your memory). Believe me, a lot of time was spent going back and referencing my pictures.

This tells me which bolts went where.

Here are a few shots of both water pumps side by side.....

I decided to remove the dimple on the thermostat housing.

Here's an old picture for reference.


Here are all three brackets ready to go to the tumbler. I used a 100, 180 and 220 with my jitterbug. Cut down my time spent sanding tremendously! It also left no scratches. Almost looks like the finish on the water pump already. *The key is to go in circular motions.*

Here the intake before going out to Mike today. I sanded the flat spots with 120 and 220. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I'm going on blind faith. Decided not to go with either of the two finishes on the test panel. Hopefully it will work out.

Recieved the APEX replacement kit today. Looking to do something a little different. Should help folks who have a Vararam accomplish a cleaner look. Stay tune......

Anybody hungry? Hope Mom doesn't open the frig and sees I'm using it for storage.

Trying to get this all done while looking for a new dd, perhaps a 60's bug. My dd just got

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