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Originally Posted by Chemical View Post
Right, the bigger the wheel the less performance. Everyone would agree in general. I don't know if everyone races their vehicle when going to work but when I get my 22" rims they will have a lot of tire to them (the most that would fit the wheel well).

Since I wont be racing, its not a big deal. I think a lot of us wont be racing. (I'm guessing)

As you can see in the Camaro Black, there is sufficient room to add 22" rims while still maintaining a significant amount of tire to the rims... and yes, rubberband tires are a waste.
There are some C6s now running with a 21 rear rim with a 375 tire out back.. All of us will just have to play with the car to see what is the best (personal opinion) and widest tire we can put under the car.
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