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Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
Not to hijack the thread - but I'm sitting at Detroit Metro Airport in the middle of a snowstorm (heading to Milwaukee for our Camaro Enthusiast event tomorrow morning...)

Decided that I should head out early - (lots of spinouts and such....)

In fact, it is 4:10am........ (.....*yawns*.....)

now - Shaniqua -- whoops -- I mean, Brother Ezekiel - has Ice/snow tires all around - and just as his older brother 'Thor' proved - these cars do very well in ice and snow! (.....I DO feel guilty getting him all covered in salt - but hey - we build 'em to drive....)

As I'd mentioned in previous threads, these ZL1s (at least in my opinion) ride the best of any Camaro we've built over the past 45 years. In fact I was cruising down Mound Road past the Chrysler plant (....even the Hemi Pickups seemed to be trembling just a bit....) -- thinking to myself - "Wow, self -- this rides extremely well even with all of these rough patches - " -- and then I looked down at I realized that the suspension setting was on "Sport" rather than "Touring" --

Did I mention that the ride is quiet at 70mph? (albeit with a bit of 'rumble' from the ZL1 exhaust)

For those of you who will be purchasing one of these legendary driving machines, you're in for a real treat - and it's our intent to exceed your expectations -

My hat is off to Al Oppenheiser, Tony Roma, Mark Dickens, Aaron Wing, Cheryl Pilcher -- (I'm forgetting many names - sorry!) and the entire ZL1 team - bravo, guys and gals.

(......and yes, I'm prejudiced -- you got a problem with that???

Ladies and Gentlemen - I can't think of a better time to be a Camaro Enthusiast --

Let "Ultra-Grin" begin!
No thread jack!! We're all dying for real life info and you're just the guy
to give it to us!! Thanks for all you do for us, now will you please get the trucks lined up and get our cars shipped??

please please you know we have to ask
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