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Originally Posted by wilmaya View Post
Congrats Becky on #415 I'll play that number today
Me too!! Let's hope we win enough to pay for the car!!

Originally Posted by Uneducated Guess View Post
I still plan on heading up there with torches and pitchforks until mine gets built.

On a lighter note, CONGRATS BECKY!
Thanks and if they don't move soon, I'll go with you

Originally Posted by tmandoug1 View Post
:c lap:
Congratulations Becky, it very nice to wake up this morning and see your VIN#415. Now we can all enjoy the ride with you back out front and not lagging behind. Lets setup the next notification room code word "The horse has left the barn".

Again thanks to the Camaro team for all of their hard work and dedication to all of us impatient children.

Much Love,

Thanks Tman for starting the thread. I just cracked up when I saw it. I am really very touched at everyones support and encouragement

Originally Posted by kush396 View Post
Becky congrats to u , im sure u are on top of the world last night and could not sleep knowing all snow on the way there as u slept. :c hevy:
Can't wait to meet you and have pics of them side by side!!
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