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GM has the ability to make the Camaro a huge success. The two most important factors I think they will be facing is 1. Price vs. Cost (of building), and 2. Time (to get them to dealers)...with style following third. Can GM price it to compete with the Mustang? They MUST...and yes, I think they will. I do agree with others that showing us this beauty and then saying we can't have it for another 3 years is rediculous. I understand GM is testing the waters though...see the publics reaction and possibly change this or that in style. But you can't hold off too long or GM will lose lots of potential buyers. With style...there's always aftermarket if you really don't like the brake lights, or the grill, or bla bla bla. But the main point here is that we are talking about the CAMARO. Everyone knows the name Camaro and what it's about. GM is counting on selling this car in a big way. They won't let themselves screw it up.
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