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Originally Posted by JoshBobGuptaMarley View Post
It's funny when my friends ask me if I've seen that white camaro around the beach. They always talk about how badass it looks hehe. I'm completely stock again so now I'm forced to look at your car and think "one day I want my car to look like that". Hehe
Haha that's funny!! You can use my car for the looks (for now because I know you'll be modding it up to make it look killer) because right now I say "one day I want my car to be fast like that one" when I look at yours!! LOL.

Let me know when you're going to be working on your car at your place or something. I'll head over and help you or whatnot or if you want. I'm planning on painting my engine cover/fuse box/CAI cover and also my interior pieces sometime really soon.
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