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Brushed aluminim gas door, 2 drink lit brushed aluminum trim, and a metra DDin kit

Ok folks, the wifes camaro is gone this coming saturday, pulled some parts off and they are up for sale.

1) Brushed aluminum Gas door with 2 keys and lock clip

2) Custom lit 2 drink holder trim ring in brushed aluminum

3) Metra kit to install the DDin GPS/aftermarket radio of your choice. Keeping the radio, just have the metra kit available.

4) SS rims in 98% perfect shape, I'll get shots asap. I wouldn't call the tires good at all, with the neg camber from the eiback drop (before getting a alignment to flatten out the tire contact patch)....the tires wore excessively on the the tires in my eyes are junk. You'll get them with it, and the tire pressure sensors are in there and fine. I believe these are the "midnight silver" finish. When I say they are 98% perfect, I don't recall any curb rash, but the clear coat looks a little fine scratches from poor washing technique (wife washing her own car). I think if you took a very fine polishing compound to them with a buffer, you could make them 100% perfect with some elbow grease.

Forgot some stuff!

5) Airraid V2, airbox is cut to allow clearance of the Strut bar brace (BMR in red)...since the airbox is cut, it goes for cheap.....I'd like $50, no lowballing on this one.

6) BMR Strut brace, not perfect, the holes have a little drill marks when using it to line up and drill the shock towers below it....still need to think about the price on that, and get pics.

7) Forgot I have a set of new white stripes (thin vynil too....looks better than thick cheap stuff) never installed (actually tried on the hood first, jacked it up on the bulge, ordered replacement stripe area I screwed up and never got around to finding a pro to install it)
This is a feeler, feel free to PM me with offers, I know what they go for new, will research what others are selling these parts used, and will post what I'm looking for them in 1-2 days after some consideration. Beat the others to the punch and PM me serious offers.

I'm in southern MD, save on shipping by coming by to pick them up. Not seriously interested in shipping rims/tires....pick up only.

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